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Friday, May 21, 2010

Static White's Stitchery - presented by The Undead Bazaar

With a name like Static White's Stitchery, it should be pretty obvious what types of crafts to expect. "Static White's Stitchery is where you'll find some of what my stitching obsessed fingers create," explains shop owner, Maya. "Everything from clothing to critters to all sorts of curios. Sometimes hand stitched, like my ornaments and pins. Sometimes machine stitched, like my capelets and bloomers! I'm no factory so I don't make many of any one thing, besides I get distracted by the ideas that pile up in my brain... ooh, shiny... Hmm? Oh yes, I also put a lot of time and detail into my work because everything has to be just right. I also think my shop reflects how flighty my imagination can be sometimes flitting from one subject to the next, but that's me!"
Maya's Etsy shop opened in 2006 with zombie influences from favorites such as Fido and World War Z. Her defining zombie moment, however, goes back a little further than that. "The first time I saw the undead ask the people on the other end of the radio to 'send more cops' I knew that zombies could have a lot more personality and entertainment value than just the original shambling sort. From then on it's just been messy, cadaverous fun." I couldn't have said it better myself.
Besides online, the creations of Static White's Stitchery have been seen at GenCon. They were also featured at the Geneseo Music & Arts Festival as a Guest Artist at the Connie Faye Illustrations tables. Custom pieces are available (as you will see), and Maya has even created a Funny Bunny mascot doll for a great UK comic artist, GothyBeans. Static White's Stitchery is also a member of Etsy's Dark Team.

If we were going to make an action figure of you, would you be a zombie or survivor? What accessories would you come with?
"A survivor! I'd come with a chainsaw, shotgun and armored bus (sold separately, of course).If you were bitten by a zombie, would you want me to shoot you or let you change?Let me change, that way you can keep me around with a Zomcon collar. It's the only way you'll get me to cook!"
Maya was kind enough to stitch a custom zombie for The Undead Bazaar. The stitched zombie me was quite a surprise on several levels. First, while I knew Maya was sending an item to be featured, I had no idea it was going to be me. I was instantly impressed with the likeness and and care to detail. Zombie Jason was complete with missing arm and exposed brain.
As if the tiny stitching on the brain were not enough, there's even tiny, button eyes. Maya enjoys custom projects so if you're eager to have your own stitched, zombified self make sure to send her an email.

I would also like to sincerely thank Maya for all of her help organizing The Undead Bazaar. If it were not for her help, the bazaar would only be half of what it is.


  1. Static is one of my all-time favorite "dark" creators! Her "Batlings" are so cute!

    Thanks for showcasing this very talented artist!

  2. Love the zombie doll, be careful looks kinda voodoo too.
    Really enjoying the artist showcases ,thanks!

  3. Oh the little stitched zombie is adorable. Static White is an expert at "creepy but cute"!

  4. So happy you love your little doppelganger zombie!
    Thanks again for featuring and I'm happy I could help to boot.

    CathyH - Unless he's going to do voodoo on himself I think he'll be okay ;D

  5. I have my zombie voodoo doll safely encased in a shadow box!


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