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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The SAT Requires Brains; The Z-SAT Saves Them

Author offers zombie fans a chance to determine their chance when hell runs out of room

by Chad Hunter

When we think SAT, we think of long nights of dreaded studying and having our brains threaten to burst. Now, with ZSAT, it’s not our brains exploding that concerns us. It’s our brains being eaten.

Zombies & Toys had the opportunity to talk with author Casey Blair Bassett, the writer behind Z-SAT: Zombie Survival Aptitude Test. With the ongoing craze of the undead, Bassett is helping the masses find out if they really have what it takes to survive the day, the dawn and the night when society crashes and the dead walk. Read what Casey has to say and after, enter for your chance to win a free copy of the Z-SAT!  You will soon be able to compare your score against the staff of Zombies & Toys!

Z&T: Hi Casey, welcome to Zombies and Toys. Thank you for your time. Can you tell readers the full title of the book and a description of it?

CBB: Z-SAT: Zombie Survival Aptitude Test. [The] Z-SAT is a book that allows zombie lovers to evaluate themselves and their abilities. The Zombie Survival Aptitude Test is a 1230 point test that consists of multiple choice, true and false, illustrations, and even a personal evaluation. It affords people the opportunity to take a deeper, in-depth look into their zombie survival skills. This test is the SATs of Zombie Survival! The scoring ranges from Expert, Professional, Novice, Amateur, and Minor. Any zombie enthusiast should take the Zombie Survival Aptitude Test... it could save their lives!

Z&T: I guess you don’t have to score as expert as long as you’re smarter than the guy next to you! What was the drive behind the book?

CBB: About 2 years ago I came up with the idea of publishing a zombie survival test book. I talked to my friends about the idea and began writing questions and drawling illustrations for the book. I worked on the book on and off for 2 years, and it sat on the back burner for a while until The Walking Dead TV show came on and it motivated me to want to finish it. Ever since the first episode I have been working nonstop on Z-SAT.

Z&T: It seems like everyone loves zombies today, from movies to games to print. What drew you to them?

CBB: I have loved zombies for such a long time, and love Max Brooks "Zombie Survival Guide" and could only hope that someday my book could be that successful. I loved all zombie movies, comics, books, video games, etc. I think that zombie(s) make everything better!

Z&T: Is there a website for the book?


Z&T: Where can readers find and purchase the Zombie Survival Aptitude Test?

CBB: The book is currently located for purchase though my website (,, and Ebay. The book has been submitted for global distribution and will be available for order at any book retailer this March. (Amazon, Books-A-Million , Barnes and Noble, etc)

Z&T: Are there upcoming events (e.g. additional books, appearances, etc) for promoting Z-SAT?

CBB: I don't know what my schedule is going to be like for the next several months but I plan on attending Steel City Con and/or Pittsburgh Comic Con to sell and sign some copies of Z-SAT.

Z&T: Awesome approach. Those are big events! You know zombie-fans are endlessly hungry, where can readers find more information?

CBB: Reader can find more information on my website or Facebook. ( Z-SAT is also has pages on Myspace, Linkedin and Twitter. However, I use Facebook the most.

Z&T: Thank you Casey for your time. For more information on the Zombie Survival Aptitude Test, please check out! To enter for your chance to win a signed copy, email your name and address to  Winners will be chosen at the end of the month.


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