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Monday, July 13, 2020

BELZEBUTH (Film Review)

                                    Starring: Joaquin Cosio, Tobin Bell, Tate Ellington

                                                 Directed by: Emilio Portes


  I for one am always down with what I have the tendency to call an "atrocity movie" - now this doesn't mean that I've got a sadistic streak in me or that I revel in the hapless slaughter of innocents, even in a cinematic-style (well, maybe just a little). I just happen to appreciate a movie that grabs its audience by the throat and swear to you with that crazy look that you're going to squirm at what you're witnessing...enter Director Emilio Portes' Belzebuth.

  The film kicks off with said atrocity, with a nurse in Mexico (under some type of deranged focus) walking into a maternity ward and butchering all of the cherub-faced newborns in her path - say "HELLO" to the first WTF moment in this presentation! Detective Ritter (Cosio), who unfortunately lost his son and wife in this tragedy is now assigned to find out why this (among other children's' murders) happened. It's a bit of a stretch putting one of the victim's parents in charge of the case, what with all the inherent grief, blah-blah-blah - anyway it provides the viewers someone to root for in the hunt for answers. Ritter will have a little Americanized assistance with the aid of Jesuit priest Franco (Ellington), and the two will come across some seriously sinister activity along the way - we're talking about some high-level demonic interference, if you catch the prayers I'm slingin' at ya. After a brief investigation, the main suspect, in this case, is ousted priest Vasilio Canetti (Saw's Tobin Bell - MISTER Jigsaw to you) - his presentation is a bit odd, to say the least, yet Bell delivers as he knows how: to use that gravelly voice and dreaded demeanor to chill the crowd that surrounds him.

 While the film certainly has its' share of shocking moments, after the first couple it begins to slide down that slippery slope of trying to use a domino-effect to one-up the last horrific instance that you'd taken in previously, and it doesn't work all that well. We as the audience crave new and refreshing things, especially when it comes to horror movies, and that's where this movie tries and ultimately misses the mark, from it's slam-bang opening to its delve into shoddy CGI imagery and lackluster finale. Don't get me wrong - Belzebuth is most definitely worth a watch if you're up for some "HOLY SHIT" moments, but after the first 2 or 3 the notion starts to get that day-old bread taste to it, and without some holy water to wash it down, you'll find it impossible to whistle for help.

FILM RATING: 2.5 out of 5

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