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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

THE ROOM (Film Review)

                                      Starring: Olga Kurylenko, Kevin Janssens, Joshua Wilson

                                          Directed by: Christian Volckman


  If there's one thing we as a horror collective have grown to understand over the course of our viewing history it's this: if you're asking for're askin' for it! The same can be said for the old adage of "be careful what you wish for" but I'm laying claim to my own personal creation and in the case of Christian Volkman's nightmarish new film, The Room, we get to see just what happens when wishes are granted.

  The film centers around a couple of European citizens who are making the big splash here in the U.S. - Kate (Kurylenko), a literary translator, and her artist-husband Matt (Janssens) have just purchased a sizeable home and are in the process of renovation. Their dynamic is established early on and the couple works well together in their new digs - content to while away the hours fixing up their place of residency and starting a brand new life. It's not too long that the lovebirds discover a room in the spacious abode that acts as an above-ground wishing well of sorts... the only difference here is when you request something specific, the results are instantaneous. Money? Comes in stacks. Booze? By the bottle. A child that you could only have hoped to conceive on your own? WHOA - almost got ahead of myself there for a second. Oh well, it's no secret that Kate and Matt have been unable to bring a tiny little life into this world, that is until Kate wishes for one - but there are some strings attached to all these material possessions they've amassed, and the penalty for doing so is some serious "Thanos" shit, if you know what I mean, Avengers fans.

 Aside from a small problem about a man going insane inside the home before the couple owned it (foreshadowing, anyone), the couple's life seemed on the up-and-up until the blessed bundle came around. While I've managed to pelt you all with nuggets of details pertaining to the film that potentially could raise your stock in wanting to dial-up and check this out, my warning is this: it's intently slow and lethargic in its progression. Together, Kurylenko and Janssens each take turns holding the weight of the film on their shoulders, with neither one allowing it to completely diminish its story and the way it's conveyed. There's a haunted-house movie feel to it, but you never see anything intently frightening or shocking which might disenchant some while enticing others - it's really a matter of your own preference. All in all, The Room acts as a cautionary tale, and we as the viewers can learn a lesson or two about the perils of greed, regardless of what scale they might be weighed upon. The film hits all physical formats as well as On-Demand services and Digital HD July 21st.

FILM RATING: 3 out of 5

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