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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Think Geek's Dismember-Me Plush

I'm rather excited about this week's review. We have one of the coolest and most unique zombie items I have ever come across. I have mentioned Think Geek here several times in the past. Well, I finally have the opportunity to give you my hands-on impressions of this cuddly, brain-toting ghoul.

First, let's look at the only place to offer this little guy. Think Geek is an ecommerce site who specializes in clothes, drinks, gadgets, and toys catered towards ...well ...geeks. Not that there's anything wrong with being a geek, I wear my geek badge proudly. Seriously, if you have never been over there it's a must. They sell everything from USB powered rocket launchers to Brawndo (the thirst mutilator). Yes, that Brawndo! I've wasted away more than one lunch break browsing and drooling over some of the fun over there. But I digress...

What's cooler than a zombie? A huggable, plush zombie. And not just an ordinary huggable, plush zombie but one with removable limbs! But wait! Not only are the limbs removable, but so is the brain he's carrying around as a snack.

For a plush toy, there are a bunch of little details that add up to make a great addition to your zombie army. One detail easily overlooked is that red velcro is used to attach the limbs and head. Oh, and the abdominal area separates and exposes not only the red velcro but also tiny guts! Fingers and toes are individually stitched and he is wearing a torn shirt and shorts. None of the details on the face are stitched but they do not appear to be cheaply added or easily torn. I allowed my four-year-old zombie-fan son to play with mine and he held up to that stress just fine. But let's face it, the majority of consumers are not buying this for their children. Another nice detail is the exposed brain protruding from a ring of blood. Some spiked hair and exposed ribs round out the details.

Bottom line? It's friggin' cool! It's cute, it's unique, it's a stress reliever if you pretend you're ripping the limbs off of your boss. I only fear that this post may be late if you're looking for something to put in the Easter basket of your favorite zombie fan. But for $12.99, it would make a great anytime gift. And while you're over at Think Geek buying zombies for your loved ones, pick yourself up some Brawndo; It's got electrolytes!


  1. Think Geek is like my second home, my whole wardrobe has been purchased from there.

  2. I forgot about this guy. I need to pick him up.


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