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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zombies For Zombies - How To Cope With The Recently Deceased

Seems like zombie books are crawling out of the woodwork; Not that I'm complaining. Especially when it comes to a unique premise such as Zombies For Zombies. So Max Brooks gave us the handbook. SG Browne gave us the dark comedy. Many authors have given us gruesome scares. Now we have a guide on how to cope with the recently changed zombie.

Zombies For Zombies looks to be told from the perspective of how to cope and what to expect after being bitten initially but not quite a zombie yet. It also features helpful sections such as:

Þ Great tricks for getting blood stains out of your clothes
Þ Handy recipes for brains
Þ Deep stuff including spirituality
Þ Fitness ideas for keeping toned and somewhat energetic
Þ Dance steps for the motor-impaired

Zombies For Zombies: Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead, is written by David P. Murphy. More info about David can be found here. As a matter-of-fact, check out this video of David with some highlights of his book:

Yes, this is serious stuff. I think the illustrations by Daniel Heard really help set the tone. If the name sounds familiar, it may be because he illustrated Tori Amos' graphic novel, Comic Book Tattoo. More of his work can be found here.

Expect to see this book published Sept/Oct of this year! Excited yet? Can it get any better than a new and different take on our favorite subject done in a comedic tone? Yes. Yes it can. Zombies & Toys will have copies of the book to give away courtesy of author, David Murphy and Sourcebooks!!! Want to guarantee you get your copy first? Reserve it at Amazon by clicking here.
Stay tuned, friends, more info to follow as I have it!

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