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Saturday, June 5, 2010

[REC] 2 - movie review

[REC] 2 has been mentioned on Zombies & Toys in the past as well as its predecessor, [REC]. The sequel picks up moments from where the original leaves off. You don't need to see [REC] to enjoy or keep up with part 2 but I would recommend it. Most of you probably know already, but both movies are Spanish with English subtitles and there was a remake of [REC] released a short while ago. The remake, Quarantine, is not nearly as good as the original. While [REC] was tense and scary with believable acting, Quarantine was slow and plodding with "they wouldn't do that" moments. Don't let the disappointment of Quarantine keep you away from [REC].

[REC] 2 will be reaching theaters in July. But the movie is now available through Video On Demand and Xbox Live. It is a bit on the pricey side with a 24 hour rental costing you $10 for standard definition or $11 for high def. Is it worth it? If you compare the price to a movie rental, it seems expensive. If you take into account the cost of a movie ticket and the fact you are getting the opportunity to watch it in advance, the cost is reasonable. Last night, I forked up the $11 for the high def experience and do not regret my decision. My review, however, will divulge some information that may make you think twice.

Before you continue reading my review of [REC] 2, know that it will contain mild spoilers. I won't divulge who lives and who dies or any major plot twists. In fact, I do not mention anything that is not brought up by the official movie synopsis. Having not expected myself the events I am about to mention, I feel the need to warn readers. Personally, I would not find my review one to ruin the film and I will make sure to announce the important twist information prior to typing it. So scroll beyond the pics and learn what I thought about [REC] 2...
Assuming you have seen the first film, we are treated to the final moments that were caught on film as this one opens. We are then taken to a van with several SWAT team members on their way to enter the building that has been quarantined. Each member has a camera on their helmet and it is mentioned that it is important for them to document their experience. Think "Aliens" and how the Colonial Marines each had a camera. Their purpose for the cameras and the urgency of recording is explained and made more apparent as the film progresses.

Prior to entering the building, they are met with a government official who guides them in. Once inside, they are informed that the virus is spread through bodily fluids and that they must travel directly to the top floor where the source of the virus was believed to be. It is also explained why they need to travel there so urgently rather than search each floor as the ascend.
Overall, [REC] 2 delivers as great horror film and to fans of zombie films. The "shaky cam" technique works for this movie and for me was not a distraction. There were some honest jumps, believable situations, and nice twists. Now for the reveal.......

These are not zombies. The monsters are zombies in much the same way that the infected from 28 Days Later are zombies. For the record, I love 28 Days Later. So the infected in [REC] 2 move fast. A fact that should not be shocking after watching the first film. Where [REC] 2 really sets itself apart is its explanation of the infected which is hinted at in the original.
So a young girl was declared as being possessed by the Roman Catholic Church and kept in the apartment of the quarantined building. Extracting her blood, scientists and priests isolated what made the blood from a possessed individual so different from a normal person. This virus from the blood was spread by mosquitos. So all of these zombies are actually infected with a virus causing demonic possession. Think a building full of Reagans from The Exorcist. If I were being told this I would say it sounds bad. But [REC] 2 makes it work. I enjoyed the movie and would not feel bad recommending it to others.For more pics and info, visit the film's official site where you can also upload and create a zombie picture of yourself.

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  1. Nah, I did not like this movie. I thought it was loud, barely scary, and full of annoying characters. Glad you enjoyed it htough.


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