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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

13 Visions

My obsession of finding great new zombie artists continues!  And because I'm certain that everyone reading this blog also enjoys new zombie art, I will continue to share my discoveries.  The talented mind of Scott Cole is one of my recent discoveries.  Well, maybe not "recent".  Like most everything else with this blog, I'm about 2 months behind!  Regardless, Scott's amazing work can be found at 13 Visions.

13 Visions is where you can find Scott's art and design work. You can also check out the 13 Visions blog for more personal ramblings such as his interest in the horror genre, graphic design, audio drama, and random thoughts.  An artist and graphic designer based in Philadelphia, Scott's work has appeared in magazines, art galleries, and on that show flyer you picked up at the coffee shop. Also a writer, we can expect to see several short stories coming to publication before the end of 2010.

Encouraged by his parents, Scott has been drawing since a young age.  "My mother in particular is very artistic, though our styles couldn't be further apart. As a child I was constantly drawing monsters and skulls and creepy floating ghosts and bats.  I still have a "book" entitled "The Haunted Castle", which I co-wrote and fully illustrated with colored pencils in first grade."
I know I've mentioned Mail Order Zombie before while during one of my podcast rants.  As a quick recap, MOZ is a weekly podcast that reviews every zombie film that is released.  That description is very generic, however.  MOZ has turned into a fun community of zombie fans and features extras like convention reports and interviews.  Scott can also be found on MOZ reviewing zombie audio drama in a segment called "Dead Air".

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