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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zombie Car Wash

There will be a charity car wash on August 28th to raise money for The Animal Rescue League.  As-if going to get your car washed for a worthy cause isn't a good enough reason, allow me to tempt you more...

First, your car will be washed by zombies.  And what better place for a bunch of zombies to wash your car than at the Monroeville Mall, the same mall where the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead was filmed.  This charity event is being hosted by Monroeville Zombies, a museum and tourist attraction celebrating zombies in pop-culture.

The president of Monroeville Zombies/Time and Space Toys, Kevin Kriess, had the following to share:

“We've been recruiting and training a special team of zombies just for this worthy charity.  Zombies have always been animal friendly as they only crave human flesh. Plus they are great at lunging at cars and learning repetitive tasks such as sponging and rinsing so we are confident they are the best creatures for the job.”


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