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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carter Reid's Zombie Nation

Todd Jepperson

The Zombie Nation is my new favorite web comic. It chronicles the tale of two brothers, Ashley Herbert Lovecraft (the bitter one (and who wouldn't be if you were a boy named Sue . . . er, a dude named Ashley?)) and George "Romey" Lovecraft (the younger, happy-go-lucky one) as they do their best to keep the Apocalypse safe from humans, nerds, and vengeful ex-wives.

The first thing you might think is with names like Romey clearly making reference to the godfather of the living dead, these characters don't fit his mold. I say, remember the scene in NOTLD where the Z is using a rock to try and smash through the window of the car? Remember Bubs? They were predecessors; Romey and Lovecraft are an evolved species. They plan to outlast any obstacle that would keep them from enjoying their undeath. Although, I normally don't like my monsters to have anyone home upstairs, this guy's work gave me a good chucle.

I spent two days reading every post he had before I found the useful little drop menu on the left. If you're pressed for time, this is your express pass to the good stuff. The comic goes up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; but, you'd do yourself well to check out every one of the links. You'll find all of the standard business, with a few handy extras thrown in there for fun. The artist even has a step-by-step Create Your Own Necronomicon tutorial. There's practical for ya! Am I the only one who has ever thought things would be better if I had my own Book of the Dead on display atop my coffee table? (apparently not)

Every line of text on the site is infused with his own, unique brand of humor. Check it out here; you'll be glad you did. For your continued viewing pleasure, here are a couple of my favorites:

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