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Monday, July 4, 2011

Creepy Glowbugg - presented by The Undead Bazaar

Today's featured artist is Gloria Steiger, aka, Creepy Glowbugg.  Her creative genius can be found on her blog and in her Etsy store.  We featured Creepy Glowbugg Creations in last year's Undead Bazaar and we are excited to have her back and to see what's new.  So?  What's new?

"Well, I have been very busy making brains lately. LOTS of brain cabochons for paper crafting and jewelry making supplies. They are quite popular right now. I am also preparing for the coming Hallowe'en season which technically began last month I think. I'm always scrambling to get everything ready in time for the holiday rush. I am hoping to take part in a couple of local craft shows for the upcoming holidays as well, but my art is a required taste for most folks and not always family friendly."

But what about the zombies?

"I have just started a new line of up cycled/recycled statuary called, "Zombified" in my Etsy shop. I have two pieces listed so far, but I have many unsuspecting bits of statuary just begging to be defaced and defiled with my sick mind and some acrylic paints.Keep an eye out for new pieces all summer long."

Of course, we're all zombie fans here and appreciate brains.  But I'm going to allow my personal tastes to showcase some of Gloria's other new items.  Specifically, her addition of some great pumpkin items.  Being a fan of pumpkins, personally, these new items caught my attention immediately.
"The little pumpkin sculpts are great fun to make. I love watching their personalities emerge from the clay. I usually sit in front of the TV and listen to it, as I mix clays for that perfect pumpkin hue and roll out the little gourds. My tool box consists of needles mainly, but I have actually invested in some rubber tipped clay shaping tools which are a great improvement over the other home made tools I was using. After I have baked them, I apply an acrylic wash which brings out all the details and then a clear protective coating is applied for the final sheen.

Basically, I repeat the same process for the Steampunkins, although they don't have faces, but rather gears and cogs and found watch parts. I made the very first one for a friend who said she liked, "Pumpkins and the Steampunk genre", and now I have made and sold quite a few."
Gloria's crafts are fantastic and cute while still maintaining a touch of the horror, gore, and macabre that inspire them.  Her creativity and attention to detail are obvious and she also does great custom work.  Gloria has been kind enough to offer one of our lucky readers with the opportunity to win a zombie cherub ornament!  To enter, email your name and address to  We will select a winner at the end of July.  Before you enter, keep reading to learn more about Gloria and treat your eyes to some images of her work.
What have been some of your inspirations for your crafts? "The obvious schtuff like horror movies and the recent zombie onslaught in media and basically everywhere lately. I enjoy good and bad taxidermy, curios, and macabre antiques. I love pop, and surreal art like Greg Simkins and Michael Hussar. I love the beautiful tattoo art of Joe Capobianco and the gruesome silliness of Eric Pigors. Jim Henson and Sid and Marty Krofft are all huge influences on my art and view of the world as a whole."

What music do you listen to while working? "I listen to everyone from the White Stripes and the Gorillaz, to Terrence Trent D'Arby and Nina Hagen, to Infectious Grooves and Mercyful Fate. Not so much the newer schtuff, but I do like that "Eff You", song by CeeLo. Very catchy tune."

What is your plan once the zombie apocalypse begins? "Since I am a big chicken and not physically fit, I will embrace the ways of the zombie and await my doom, or rebirth if you will. I will then dine on the finest of flesh with my little zombie friends until the armies arrive and end our fun in a puff of smoke."

Favorite zombie movie and why. ""Return of the Living Dead" is my favorite zombie film of all time. It's chock full of killer quotes like "Send more paramedics", and " BRAINS! Live brains!" from Tarman, a true classic zombie figure. Who can forget "Trash" taking off her clothes in the cemetery and getting eaten alive by old men just like she wanted? I love the part when "Freddy" hears the half dog specimen panting and then proceeds to beat it with a crutch! Pure tomfoolery! I love it! I'm kinda sick like that."


  1. She is one amazing artist and is constantly outdoing herself. LOVE the end zombie guy, never seen him before he rocks.

  2. Awesome feature artist! Creepy Gloria Glowbugg's art is inspiring, fun and original!

  3. I love Gloria's work. It's cute and twisted. Very surreal and dark, the way I like it. It's very hip and awesome.

  4. I agree, Glo is such an amazing artist. These creations are spectacular fun funky and very creative. You go girl!!! Congrats!!!

  5. hee hee LOVE it - love all of Gloria's creepy stuff! :)

  6. Gootta love Glo! She's awesome and so talented!

  7. Awesome! I've been a Creepy Glowbugg fan for quite some time. Brains and skullz have adorned my crafts, and I FINALLY got my hands on one of those coveted Steampunkins! Killer art.

  8. Glo is the BEST! Her designs are killer and oh so amazing! So beautifully crafted too! LOVE her stuff! xxD

  9. Wowza! I can't believe I've missed out on her zombies and zombie whatnot until now. Fantastic work! I'm totally entering the giveaway right now!

    Thanks for showing off her highly impressive stuff!

  10. Glo is totally amazing.... the Queen of zombification... i am dead(pun intended)proud to call her my friend. lynx

  11. I love those clockwork pumpkins!!! Very cool.

  12. Great to see such a talented artist being showcased like this
    Go Glo

  13. I got a surprise ornament in the mail today. Thanks Z&T and Creepy Glowbugg!


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