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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Grown 'Return of the Living Dead' Trioxin Can Prop

Sometimes, the efforts of one are just too cool to not share with the many.  Case in point - this 55 gallon Trixon drum straight from Return of the Living Dead.  This weathered replica was precision-made by Dave Little and even features working red and blue lights! 

When I first started I painted the 55 gallon barrel green, I had the barrels from Return of the Living Dead Part 2 and 3 mixed up. The barrel from Part 2 was black and some of the barrels from Part 3 were green. I decided to make my barrel all rusted, it ended up being my version of a 2-4-5 Trioxin container. I figured since I couldn't match the barrel from Part 2 I might as well make my own version.  My barrel has the same access instructions and info stenciled on the front as the barrel from Part 2.


  1. If this thing was also a beer keg then that would be the most amazing thing ever created by man!!

  2. I like the way you think! And, I cannot argue... that would be the most amazing thing created by man!

  3. Has anyone tried phoning the number, in the name of Zombieific research of course?


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