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Friday, May 3, 2013

Playstation 4 - Taking Gaming to the Next Level

Matt Boiselle

With the announcement of the new playstation 4 comes all of the spec information, and the PS4 is sounding like it's going to be a massive step up in the gaming world. Sony have announced their plans to make the PS4 into the first gaming social network with lots of great features allowing you to share your experience with others. It will have an eight core CPU, 8GB of storage, a multiplayer, voice chat and a store and also an online browser feature. From this online browser within the game, you will be able to search for games and stream them from online. Sony have also revealed that you will have the opportunity to stream games and try before you buy, only downloading once you are satisfied. You will also be able to share the streamed games to let your friends try. The interface is much more user friendly and incorporates the ability to chat your friends and get comments from them as you play. You can actually download music tracks from the internet browser and start playing them straight away. There will be a share button on the controller so that you can instantly send the game to your friends and show them how you are doing. Gaming won't be the only entertainment you have access to either with Sony announcing that netfix will be involved. The ability to stream and download online games could allow gamers to download more online casino games as there is only one on the PS3. Casino games are a massively popular marketplace in the gaming world and have proven to be gaining pace both online and on mobile devices from sites like With games like online slots having movie themes and actually collaborating with film makers to make much more elaborate and video game style graphics, it will be interesting to see what the PS4 will be compatible with and if gamers will be able to get access to all of the games they want.

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