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Wednesday, September 30, 2020



Starring: Richard Grieco, Robert LaSardo, Tara Reid

Directed by: Brandon Slagle


     Why in the blue hell would any otherworldly soul want to infiltrate, much less visit this planet in this day & age is beyond me, but in the case of director Brandon Slagle's latest film Attack Of The Unknown, they're here, and they're ready to throw down. Before this review gets truckin' I'd like to thank Mr. Sonny Mahal for offering the film up for inspection and dissection - it's always appreciated. Now that the pleasantries are out in the open, let's break out the slicing tools and cut into this one while it's still fresh, shall we?

  The film centers around SWAT team leader Vernon (Grieco in a convincing role) who is faced with a medical diagnosis that seemingly saps the "OOMPH" straight out of his system, but not before he and his team have to take down a fierce drug kingpin named Hades (LaSardo). Once Vernon's crew comes up successful in their apprehension of the notorious baddie, they're tasked with moving him into FBI protection...and THAT'S when the alien-istic problems arise! It appears that a full-on invasion is taking place, and through some rather interesting information from Hades it's revealed why they've come, and what they're after (a little perplexing, but hey - it's Sci-Fi). Now it's up to an ailing Vernon and the rest of his hard-nosed squad to shut down the big green men and deliver their prisoner into protective custody - wonder if this accumulates their tiered hazard pay?

   The movie's opening 20 minutes are jam-packed with great action, fun dialogue, and a metric crap-ton of flying lead...unfortunately the lead sticks around for the remainder of the film, slowing down not only action but communication between the actors as well. I've always been a Grieco fan, and he simply knows how to convey those silent yet gruff emotions, but here it seemed as if he grew bored with the character in the latter stages of portrayal - regardless, he was fun to watch and held the film on his shoulders, especially in his scenes with LaSardo (the classic bad guy). Added to which if you keep an eye out you'll spot notable performances from Tara Reid, Robert Donavan & Douglas Tait - all providing some punch to the collective mix. Slagle's direction is edgy and centers on the horror/thriller scope - the guy knows how to present a product and it shows once again here. All in all, I'd say to any prospective sci-fi/action fan to give this at least a one-timer. If you can get past the slowed-down pace in the latter stages Attack Of The Unknown is actually a pretty fun film, but when those BIG green fellas come around, you'd better get your butt behind some thick doors!

FILM RATING: 3 out of 5


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