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Friday, February 19, 2021

DEAD AIR (Film Review)


Starring: Kevin Hicks, Vickie Hicks, Chris Xaver

Directed by: Kevin Hicks


Well, here I am - back in the mix once again, and after a 3 week bout with the big Corona back in November and an even longer self-imposed sabbatical from the writing process I've returned to (hopefully) entertain you all with my mindless babblings and useless opinions about the genres I find to be most beloved. So settle in with the beverages of your choice, read my rants and let's all keep each other company in these crazy times!

Dead Air is the latest specimen on the slab, graciously offered up for review by Justin Cook PR, and it goes without saying that I was more than interested in dunking my peepers into this one. Starring Kevin Hicks (who also directed) and Vickie Hicks (writer), William is a man whom after the loss of his mother, begins the arduous task of cleaning out his parents' belongings, and when he comes across an antiquated ham radio, his curiosity is piqued and he fires it up. Once hooked up to the airwaves, he comes in contact with a mysterious woman named Eva who after claiming to be agoraphobic and paranoid to a debilitating extent, begins to warm up to William and the two spark up a most-unlikely "friendship" of sorts. Their connection is the air itself, and they use it as an appendage to reach out to one another, assisting in lessons of grief-management and basic companionship...but we all know that things won't exactly be rosy when the veil is lifted, now don't we?

Now, if you came to this film looking for a fright-a-minute fest with non-stop thrills and chills I'm sorry to say that you'll be extremely disappointed - however, if long stretches of mundane dialogue coupled with a stale sense of dread is your gig, this presentation is right up your alley. This isn't me taking a big ol' porcelain potshot at the movie itself, because the premise in its wholeness is intriguing, and if you thrive on the "who is behind the curtain" aspect of a product such as this then dive on in. Both Hicks' work on the microphone is stable and conveying to the story in an acceptable fashion, but unfortunately there isn't much left to go on once that's reached its peak. There are a few twists and turns in the plot that assist in keeping things somewhat fresh, but I'd bet solid money that the hardcore horror and thriller fans can see them coming from a mile away. 

Overall, I'm going to give this one nothing more than a "one-and-done" as I'd really hoped for something more productive in the story and resulting effects - Dead Air will have an audience that I'm fairly sure of...but how long will it take before the listeners turn the power button to the OFF-position?

The film is available TODAY (2/19) on digital and cable VOD platforms.

FILM RATING: 2 out of 5

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