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Friday, February 25, 2022



                                       Compiled & edited by Theresa Scott-Matthews

                                                Published by Hellbound Books


      Call me a purist, but I don't always necessarily need to resort to chucking in a horror film into my Blu-ray player or diving into the multitudes of streaming choices online when I want a decent scare - just give me a good book with some well-penned frights, minimal lighting (don't want to strain those peepers), and I'm ready for the scares to commence. First off I'd like to thank the good (or are they evil?) souls at Hellbound Books for graciously offering their latest horror anthology up for review - it's appreciated greatly I'm thankful for the opportunity.

  This chill-inducing tome is titled Bloody Good Horror and it showcases 35 tales of terror from a bevy of ultra-talented authors, and they best describe this collection as "No theme, No boundaries, no limits..." Well, now if that isn't taken as a challenge for a set of experienced eyes when it comes to the spooky stuff, I don't know what is. This 487-page whopper was primed & ready for my dissection and without spilling too much blood...I mean too many spoilers, this certainly didn't disappoint in any fashion. With almost 3 dozen short stories at your disposal to hop into like a fresh cadaver drawer, there's literally multiple avenues and subjects of scares that will fit any discerning reader, and that's coming from a guy who at times can come off as a bit picky when it comes to horror reads. In all seriousness (which is a rarity for me), this book is so jam-packed with fantastic stories you'll be sure to have some sleepless nights as a result of overindulging. With titles such as "A Crimson Portrait", "You'll Hear Her Knocking" and my personal favorite: "Razor Blade Sandwich" it's a safe bet that you'll most certainly find a tale or two that fits your framework of the genre. 

  Overall, my recommend-o-meter has officially overheated with all of this talk about blood-soaked, entrail relocations, and general dissertations of devilishly demented happenings. If you're one of those maniacal elocutionists that simply can't get enough of the unnerving parlance thrown before you, then I advise you to stop on over at and shop around - if you can't find what you're looking for, it may be time to have your pulse checked.

BOOK RATING: 4 out of 5

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