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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trailer Trash or knocked out the park?

Trailer Park Zombies brings gamers real-time strategy.
Chad Hunter

Zombie fans have long searched for good iPhone apps to kill the undead and some time. NinjaKiwi has released  Zombie Trailer Park in an effort to finally meet necrotic desires. Does Zombie Trailer Park (ZTP) hit the mark? The answer is yes.

ZTP is a real-time strategy game where players’ bases and resources are on the left and the zombie encampment is on the right. As time progresses, your trailer park builds money which allows you to buy new structures and add to your army (e.g. shotgun and shovel wielding farmers.) However, every moment that passes is filled with a constant stream of undead clawing their way to your base. Zombie Trailer Park has basic but effective graphics, a short learning curve and several levels full of tongue-in-cheek humorous jabs at rednecks, hill-jacks and horrific cadaverous hordes. For the current price of free, ZTP is a definite addition to anyone’s smart device.


  1. I am addicted to this game! I have passed all levels on my ipad, and now I am challenging myself to complete all of the awards.


  2. I wish all the cool stuff wasn't just for lamePods.

  3. zombie edward looks emmo lol and raven u should be worried about ur child instead of playing video games u weird....


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