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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Undead Bazaar

The first Undead Bazar featured crafts, interviews, and contests with creative artisans whose works are inspired by zombies. Each artist was kind enough to take the time to introduce themselves and went even further by offering readers the chance to win some of their crafts.

To help support these unique and outstanding artists, links have been provided below. You are quickly and easily able to visit their home page, read what they had to say to Zombies & Toys, and view the great prizes you missed out on.

The next Undead Bazaar will be held throughout June, 2011. Artists wishing to take part are encouraged to email by May 1st. For exclusive advance news and updates, make sure to follow Zombies & Toys on Facebook and Twitter.

Confirmed Feature Artists Include:

My Pretty Zombie -- feature -- contest

New Age Dolls -- feature -- contest Nitebyrd's Nest -- feature -- contest
Philip Hynes - Custom Sculptures -- feature -- contest

Sacred Flesh -- feature -- contest

Sleepy Robot 13 -- feature -- contest
Static White's Stitchery -- feature

Timothy Carr -- feature -- contest


  1. This will be great, and not just because of the contests. I love finding new artisans that make fun stuff like that.

  2. Awesome! I love finding out about zombie crafts!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Can't wait till it starts =D =D

  5. sooo kewl! i'll be there to ooo and aaah.

  6. Great idea! And please keep in mind that for all those who like to attend actual "bizarre bazaars", check out Oddmall ( in Hudson, OH. I'm a vendor there and will have some zombies & music on display.

  7. This sounds cool!

  8. I added the picture and link to my blog!

  9. Just joined and can't wait to see the artist's work!


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