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Monday, July 5, 2010

Zombie Ammo Contest

When Your Brain is not on the Menu, Use Zombie Ammo™!

Even though the featured artists of The Undead Bazaar are over, there are still several contests that will be running throughout the month. But we are also now back on track to bring you our usual monthly contests.

What's more patriotic than shooting zombies? I know, not much. That's why Zombie Ammo is helping us celebrate July by offering a few lucky readers the chance to own a set of six different zombie targets. While you obviously will not have these in time for your 4th of July picnic, I doubt you will complain about having friends and family over in August to blow off steam by blowing off some zombie heads.

The grand prize winner, in addition to the set of targets, will also receive a certificate good for one free shirt of their choosing from Zombie Ammo! I receive at least one comment every time I wear mine.

Entering is as difficult as almost every contest we have at Zombies & Toys. For your chance to win, you need to take a whopping 30 seconds to email your name and address to I know... we're making it too hard for you.

Zombie Ammo has many other unique novelty targets available. Help me thank them by checking out what they have to offer and letting your friends know.


  1. I know someone who would LOVE these!

  2. This is awesome, my friends go out and shoot at targets all the time, we can get Zombie targets in town but they aren't nearly as cool as these.


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