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Thursday, September 9, 2021

SLAXX (DVD review)


                                 Starring: Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bohjani

                                                   Directed by: Elza Kephart


             Calling all fashion victims! If you're one of those "gotta have it" people when the latest togs hit the racks, and are endorsed by the high-favored types on TV, the movies, and social media, then director Elza Kephart's latest denim-gone-bad film SLAXX is definitely for you. 

     The premise of the film takes us inside the ultra-snooty, and insanely objectionable world of mall-retail clothing sales and the fictional Canadian Cotton Clothiers is no different. Their salespeople are confined to "ecosystems" that represent the particular section of the store they work in, and all are rigged up with the pseudo-FBI agent earpiece for communication purposes - nice touch, indeed. This entitled band of slack-slingers are being led by CEO Harold Landsgrove: a retail icon that's as close to a cult leader as you can get, and he's got the collective ear of his employees firmly entrenched in the notion that his product is entirely free of any negative stereotype that can be placed in the public eye. The only problem here is, that the horrors of sweatshop work and unsafe conditions for the souls that risk their lives to create these commodities is about to rear its ugly head...or its rear, for that matter. Turns out that the diamond in the clothiers' latest collection is a pair of denim jeans that will literally fit any body shape. therefore eliminating any misconceptions about body-shaming or the general angst of some people who can't shoe-horn their derrieres into a pair of pants - we're talking about the possession of a pair of pocketed pantaloons, people!

   First-night employee Libby is eager for the chance to make a difference at her new job, and she's now been chucked into the mix of a bevy of personalities - each one generally unpleasant but ultra-effective to the film's storyline. The store will soon be going into overnight "lockdown" to allow a social-media influencer to film her latest vlog about the new collection, and believe me when I tell you - the crimson will fly when the denim spirits get angered. The movie itself certainly isn't to be taken seriously, outside of the whole "ending child labor" statement of course, but this presentation is simply dumb-fun - nothing more, nothing less. Performances are humorous if not downright farcical, and you'll probably find yourself debating which commission-collecting douche will get offed next. The whole package adds up to a fun watch that should be taken as seriously as one of those runway shows. The film is now available on Blu-ray & DVD formats, as well as VOD & streaming services.

FILM RATING: 3 legs out of 5



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